The State of Alabama has some of the most passionate sports fans in the country — or should we say sport fans. Football — specifically college football — dominates the state, splitting it down the middle between The University of Alabama and Auburn University.


There have been a plethora of attempts to bring professional sports to Birmingham. The AFL, XFL, arena football, and hockey all have struggled. Well, let’s be honest — they failed. So how do you build a connection between a city and a sport they know little about?


Dig deep into the soul of the city and find some truth that will transcend your knowledge of soccer. This team had to stand for us. Alabama or Auburn is a divide. The city needed a team that truly represented Birmingham. Our history, our courage, our unity, and our pride are represented by our team. It needed to be forged in the fires of competition, but still bleed Birmingham.


The proof is in the stands. In March 2019, Birmingham Legion FC opened its season to a sold-out game. Eight months later, they average 88% home game attendance. Merchandise regularly sells out, and it's hard to drive long without seeing the shield sticker on a car.

Campaign Launch: Mar 9, 2019
Budget: $177k

We worked together with local musicians, The Green Seed to create a custom track for our hype video.

The Legion Soccer Anthem is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Hammer + Anvil

A symbol of our city's steel origin. We were born in fire. Inspires our chant "Hammer Down."

The Shield

A symbol of protection and unity. We will stand up for our city and defend the pitch.

Our Sparks

Embody our fiery spirit and define our character. They represent pride, courage, and unity.



Name + Identity

The Ingot Strike




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